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Super friendly Simcity Buildit Club!
Weekly requirements: 500 war points, 5000 CoM points!
Join if you have 400k Population+

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READ THIS FIRST: What to ex(pect) when you ex(change).

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Our requirements to stay in Active Exchange are: at least 500 points every 2 wars and at least 5000 points in the Challenge of Mayors (C.o.M.). Who doesn't do that is kicked.


The most important things you have to know about wars is that we have a STRATEGY.
Many clubs fight like they had no brain. We have a brain and we want to use it well!
This mostly means that we don't start an attack without trying to coordinate in chat with the tips of our long-time-studied STRATEGY HANDBOOK. Please click it and read it very carefully: it's the most important thing we ask you!


You have 12 hours to collect war items before war starts. You do it in the shop called "war deliveries". Check what are your available attacks (war disasters) and buy the items accordingly. The team will help if you ask, but remember that the war items cost much more to big level players (around 6000-8000 simoleons average) than to low level players (2000-3000 simoleons). Instead of asking for war items directly, ask for the items you need to complete the war deliveries. You also have an important new shop in the war page, which can be used to buy war items. Do it! If you have your good amount of war items, you will be able to attack more and earn more precious war chests.


When the war is started get in chat first and ask who is around to attack with you. Hopefully you will find other players ready to attack and a vice president to coordinate. Be sure that you aren't blocked to attack from the dome (check in game tutorial) or you miss items. If you don't find anyone in 10-12 minutes, you can attack alone, or with another player, following anyway our strategy guidelines.

1) ATTACK REPORT: When you are ready to attack (so full items and not under the dome), report for attack specifying the amount of war points that your attacks can deal.
ex. Hello, I am ready to attack 2*100 and 1*400

2) ATTACK CALL: Some vice or the president will call the attack, saying a target and the attackers.
ex. Target: Enemy City. PLAYER-A 400, PLAYER-B 200+300, PLAYER-C 100, PLAYER-D 700

3) WARNINGS: Warnings will be given if:
- a player attacks without reporting in chat
- a player doesn't complete his attack in a reasonable (3-4 minutes) time
- a player doesn't follow the attack call, attacks the wrong target or uses more/less attacks or war points.
- a player takes another player's place attacking or anyway spoils the attack.

Everything will be done accordingly to our Strategy and that means that we will choose the suitable target (low population, inactive, not president/vice and so on) and we will add a big attack for last, when the player has only 1 building before getting under the dome, so he doesn't benefit of more cheap war items. If you didn't read the strategy page yet, do it quickly please, you will understand why it is so important.
Everyone should rebuild the most he can, and if rebuilding you get war items you don't use, share them with the team: somebody will buy for sure.
Try to get the best chest you can, with the help of the team. The two last hours your energy will recharge 3x, so it's the best time to be online and get/give help.

Wars will now start and finish at 17 UTC+0 (that means at midnight Philippines time, 18 central europe time and so on). Remember that the first 12 hours are used to collect items.


We exchange goods without trading. We simply help, whenever we can, giving the item needed from another member without asking anything else back. You will see that a few members are really giving away a lot of items. The best way to thank them is to help other members. The team will benefit of it a lot!

During the transactions, unless differently specified, the prices should (but it is up to you) always be maxed, because in the past we had some members who were asking for the items just to resell them with profit. Always maxing the prices will help the items to go to those who need them for true.

ex. Hello, does anyone have a nail?
- please request only the items that you can't find easily in the HQ by yourself.
- don't leave chat just after you requested an item. It's unpolite to leave while someone wants to help you. :)

- Storage items can be given for loans. A loan can last up to 1 week, after the duration of the loan, you are expected to give back the same amount of the same war items, so other players can benefit.
- If you don't give back the items you will be given a warning every 2 days of delay.


Kicks come if you don't meet the activity requirements anymore, steal an item that was meant to be given to someone else, behave bad in chat or obtain a total of 3 warnings in one week. Warnings come if you attack wrong or if you fail to give back loaned items.

Other useful pages to check are:
JOIN page: know better how the team is made, know better your role.
FEEDER CITIES page: how to create a feeder city: another city to support your game play.

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War profitability. Should I really fight?

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Many would ask themselves if the wars are worth fighting. Do I really earn when I play the war module on SimCity BuildIt? Can I have benefits in SimCash or Simoleons?

The answer can depend. We will see on what right now.

Profitability Reasons of Simcity wars1) The war's victory and the war's chests. An unique way to obtain simcash.

- Unless you pay real money to EA, SimCash are kinda rare and difficult to obtain. The reasons to want more simcash are many: you can use them to speed up something like productions or Challenge of Mayor's tasks, you can use them to enlarge your storage when you are about to do it but can't really find the storage item you want, and you can save simcash to build the powerful and super-useful maxis manor, which can let you bulldoze many police/fire/health buildings (getting simcash back) and obtain much more space for those buildings that will increase your population.

Profitability Reasons of Simcity wars2) The war disaster cards will make your wars easier.

- Considering that once you earn war cards, you can unlock better attacks and increase your disaster collection, wars become cheaper the more you fight! At some point you can deal 1000 war points with just four or five objects. This will make your game easier.

Profitability Reasons of Simcity wars3) The better your team rank is, the more your opponents will fight, the cheaper will be the war items.

- This seems quite masochist, but it's true. The more you get hit, the more you save. You should be aware that rebuilding gives you much cheaper war items than those you have to buy from the war deliveries shop. That means that powerful opponents are more likely to help you save, while you reach the same target of war points.

Profitability Reasons of Simcity wars4) If you win a war, you get 2000 war simoleons to buy war items in the war store.

- The last feature that EA added to the war module is war simoleons. Victory gives to each member 2000 war simoleons, while loosing only gives 300. If you wina war you can buy up to 10 war items in the war store. That means that you will start the next war with 10 war items. Not bad, is it?

Profitability Reasons of Simcity wars4) High level players pay a lot for war deliveries.

- Since high level players have a wider variety of very expensive and hard to find items, the war deliveries, which request different items, 
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WAR DIARY, 20th Dec

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After challenging a turkish team, we had to face an american one, and we reached a great amount of damage, though not our best which is 49000. Thanks to everyone for this great result!!!
At the start our enemy was impatient to fight, and they started hitting hard for a few moments, but they couldn't hold our strength, and we soon showed that there was no match! Congratz!

We can see that many players are really giving their best to make the team obtain brilliant victories: they deserve all of our appreciation both because they do it and because they let everyone else enjoy and grow with their help. Thank you so much!

Some players are less active, and that's ok, since everyone of us has his life to take care of. Anyway some player were kicked due to long inactivity, because the team will be harmed from inactive players which buildings are destroyed and they don't attack back, nor they put war items at the disposal of the team. This can really make everyone aware of the importance of every single player.

Here we can find our last rank in battle:

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It's halloween time in Simcity Buildit and you can find a whole lot of items. Do you really use them? Is it worth it spending keys or simoleon for them? If yes, for which?

Remember that, even at Halloween, the real scared ones, are our enemies. Buhahahahaha!
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